Notlen Approach


Notlen Group has grown exponentially since our establishment in 2017 as a Health and Safety Consultancy and we now additionally provide trained manpower to the Traffic Management industry on a national scale. Key to our success has been our ability to nurture a mindset in all of our operatives and team to embrace an “enthusiastically responsible” approach to their duties.


Maintaining our clients public image and commercial standards is foremost in our service provision and pivotal to our everyday activities. Our passion to deliver quality services and foster positive public relations has been key to our success and with over 30 years collective experience in HSEQ and TM, we are committed to prioritise Safety, serving public demands and preserving your commercial image.


Our Approach

At Notlen Group we recognise that compliance, PPE, health and safety, quality assurance and carbon footprint aren't just trifling buzz words for your organisation. We work hard to ensure that your safeguarding, quality assurance policies and procedures are not eroded by policy insensitive operatives.


our Training

All Notlen operatives are Lantra qualified, individually client inducted and are fully briefed to ensure that client specific demands are relayed directly and periodically. Our induction training is underpinned by our “enthusiastically responsible” mindset training that nurtures a collective and individual brand pride. 


We provide localised training and immediate temporary work opportunities for the right qualified candidates.


We deliver a range of courses including - NHSS 12D, AB, C Lantra Accredited Traffic Management qualification and professional Quality Management systems (QMS) Lead Auditor and or level 1 Health and safety qualification.


Our Goal

Notlen Group aim to be a leading training provider and labour supplier both nationally and internationally across a range of industries by routinely supplying professional client and procedure focused operatives that add value to clients commercial business and interest.


Our Commitment

Notlen Group are committed to our social, commercial and environmental obligations. We are dedicated to creating an organisation that has multiple service options, that provides sustainable value added solutions, whilst supporting environmentally sensitive issues that promote sustainable business practices.